Regulations of the Jókai Mór Public Library in Komárom

I. Rights of Use

II. Services of the Library

III. The Registration

IV. Detailed rules of rental conditions

V. Reading areas of the Library

VI. Opening Hours


I. Rights of use

1. „The spiritual possession of the Cultural Heritage is the fundamental right of every man. The foundation of an Information Society and a Democratic Constitutional State is a Library System, through which the information is freely available for anyone.”(Law on the Protection of Cultural Property, 1997. CXL)

2. All Hungarian and foreign citizens are entitled to use the Jókai Mór Public Library without any discrimination and limitation.

3. Library regulations should be teken into account when using the library(Please request the full text from Reader Service.)

4. All hungarian citizens have the right to request changes in the Library Rules. The request must be submitted to the library director in written form and the applicant will be notified if and when the requested changes were implemented in the Library Rules.


II. Services of the Library

5. Some services are available without registration while others are not.

5.1 Services available without registration

  • Inspection of the library
  • Use of the Catalog
  • Obtain of information about the services of the library and library network
  • Local use of documents in the specialised branches
  • Photocopy A/4 15,- Ft/page 30,- Ft/sheet, A/3 30,- Ft/page 60,- Ft/sheet

5.2 Services available with registration(Reader card): (Most of these services are available for free, while other services can be used after paying a fee.)

5.2.1. Free services for registered readers:

  • Rental of printed documents
  • Use of the periodical room
  • Use of the local knowledge and musical collection
  • Expert information
  • Interlibrary rental
  • Use of computer databases
  • Use of information service

5.2.2. Basic and advanced registration fee:

  • rental of non-printed documents(CD, VHS, DVD, LP, MC etc.) (annual fee + 400,- Ft)

5.2.3. Pay services for registered readers

  • Printing 20,- Ft/page
  • Internet service 30 minutes/200,- Ft, 60 minutes/400,- Ft
  • Scanning service 50,- HUF/page

5.2.4. Other services

Group library visit

Literary, artistic, educational events


III. The registration

Identity card or passport is required for registration. Students under the age of 18 require a parental warrant letter. Other data must be provided: address, place of work, occupation. Readers have to announce all changes in the information supplied to the library upon registration.

Registration fee

  • Adult reader 1000 Ft
  • Student reader 500 Ft
  • Beneficiary readers(retired, unemployed, childcare allowance) - 500 Ft

Not required to pay the registration fee when you are:

  • under 16 years old
  • over 70 years old
  • an educator and have a Teacher Certificate


An additional 400,- HUF annual rental fee is required for readers who rent non-printed documents(CD, VHS, DVD etc.).
Only full time students are entitled for a registration discount..

IV. Detailed rules of rental conditions


Books – with the exception of the reference library, reading room and assistant library stamped – are rentable. The rental period is one month, which may be renewed twice(via phone or e-mail), if there is no reservation for the document. A library card can be used to rent 6 documents at a time.

The reference library and the assistant library(in Szőny) books – with the exception of lexicons and encyclopedias – can be rented saturdays from 15 to 17:30. Jókai and local knowledge documents can’t be rented!

Journals for the year excluding news hot off the press can be rented saturdays from 15 to 17:30. Older issues can be rented for a week.

The rental period for non-printed documents (CD, LP, MC, VHS, DVD) is 2 days(for 2 opening days) and 4 documents can be rented at a time.

Readers who don’t have a permanent address in Hungary, can’t rent reference and assistant library books, journals and non-pronted documents on saturday.

If the required document is already rented, the reader can advance book it, and will get a notice when the document arrives. Advance booking is served in order of arrival.

If the required document can’t be found in the library, the reader can ask for interlibrary rental. The rental period of the interlibrary documents depends on the lending library. Readers who don’t have a permanent address in Hungary can read the interlibrary documents locally.

A late fee is required for documents returned beyond the rental period. The reader receives an expiration notice two weeks after the end of the rental period. At first notice the postage has to be payed, at second and all further notice the postage and additional late charges have to be payed. If the reader doesn’t comply with the library regulations, the library will validate the claim in a lawsuit.

The Library will act in accordance with the provisions of 3/1975 (VIII. 17) KM-PM. 20-22 § and (MK 1978/9. sz.), in case of loss or damage of a Library document.

It is acceptable:

if the lost or damaged document is replaced with a replacement

if the lost or damaged document is replaced with an acceptable copy

If the lost document cannot be replaced, the Library will require a full financial compensation that will exceed the actual value of the lost document.


Local use:

All documents are selected by the readers in all sections of the Library, but the librarians put them back in place.

Earlier numbers of periodical publications and non-public documents must be asked from a librarian.

If the required document is in an external depot, the claimer may receive it the next day. Interlibrary documents are stored for a week, if the claimer doesn't take it in that time , we ship it back to the sender.

Newspapers, postcards and popular periodicals can be found in the periodical reading room.


Information service:

Information service can be used by anyone via phone, mail or e-mail. General and public information may be asked in the opening hours.

The library offers detailed information about the following areas:

  • Language and literature science
  • Local knowledge, local history
  • History, politics
  • Library science


Information service includes:

  • Oral information
  • Written information
  • Retrospective literature research
  • Current literature

Other services:

  • Group Library visits: Groups of educational institutes are welcome after registration for Library visit and specialist lessons.
  • Help for school and town libraries.
  • The periodical reading room can be rented for a fee from the director of the Library.
  • Readers and enquirers can visit the events of the Library. We send out invitations on request.
  • We deliver books for our handicapped readers to their home.


Use of the Periodical reading room:

Periodicals can only be used in the periodical room. A reader can only hold onto 3 documents at a time.v


Use of the public computers:

  • Public computers can only be used by registered readers. Use is supervised by the librarian, who also handles registration. The purpose of use and a signature are also required.
  • Computers can be used between 9 – 17:30, at 17:30 the use must be suspended.

The computers can be used for the following purposes only:

  • Internet access
  • Printing(20 Ft/ A4 page, scanning 50,- Ft/page)
  • Writing and reading with the use of the installed softwares.
  • Catalog search

Playing games and using chat applications are strictly prohibited, as well as the installation of foreign softwares. Readers who violate these regulations will be blacklisted and be denied from the use of the computers in the future!

Please observe copyright restrictions!


Other regulations:

  • Readers must show their own documents to the librarians on arrival and departure.
  • Readers who violate Library rules will be denied of service permanently.
  • Smoking and the use of cellphones are prohibited in the whole area of the Library!
  • Service charges are determined annually, but can be modified during the year as well..


V. Reading areas and collections of the Library

Hand library

  • General and specialist lexicons, encyclopedias
  • Monographs, studies
  • Repositories
  • Maps
  • Albums
  • Public computers
  • Microfilm reader

Periodical reading room

  • Newspapers and periodicals
  • Poems (may be rented)
  • Literature
  • AV documents
  • AV equipment

Rental area

  • Literature A/Z (On the shelves next to the wall)
  • Required reading, Jókai Mór's works
  • Specialist literature 0/9 (On the shelves in the middle)
  • New books, bestsellers
  • Rental and information desk
  • Catalogs
  • Photocopier
  • Color printer

Jókai and local knowledge collection

  • Jókai Mór's complete works, studies, monographs, pictures, documents
  • Local knowledge monographs, studies, lexicons, pictures, AV documents, small prints, manuscripts

(may be asked from the librarian or the local knowledge specialist)


VI. Opening hours

  • Monday:  Closed
  • Tuesday:  9-18
  • Wednesday:  9-18
  • Thursday:  9-18
  • Friday:  9-18
  • Saturday:  9-12, 13-17
  • Sunday: Closed

The Library will inform the readers about changes in the opening hours on the home page.


Komárom, 2007. february 26.


György Károlyné Rabi Lenke
Library Director